In 1992, Emirates Meat (Galadari-EDAM) LLC popularly known as EDAM established itself to revolutionize thefrozen food industry and to cater to the rapidly growing local food industry. Today EDAM is one of the leading manufactures for frozen food in the region.

The Galadari Group is one of the UAE's largest and most respected privately owned companies. With headquarters in Dubai, it now has more diverse operations in industrial and business fields than almost any other similar group in the region. The family name has been a fixture in the UAE business community since the 1960's but it has been Ziad Galadari who has developed his group the furthest, currently diversifying into 32 major companies, some of which rank among the largest and most active in the region.

For almost 20 years EDAM has been one of the leading food manufacturing and distribution companies in the UAE, supplying fresh, frozen, dry food products and beverages to the regions burgeoning industry.

We are renowned as a food processing company dealing in products like frozen and non-frozen foodstuff shored up by our vast experience and familiarity with Islamic laws.

The company, which was founded on the ambitious objective of processing and selling frozen products, today runs two food-processing plants, with a capacity of 25 metric tons per day.

Since its inception, EDAM has pioneered in the food processing industry development in the region. This accomplishment is due to our management team comprising of talented and seasoned individuals who excel in their own areas of expertise. The company also competes in the regions exciting and expanding catering and hospitality industry.

EDAM is committed to process premium quality products by a scrupulous selection of raw materials, state-of-the-art technology, storage facility and supply chain management. This commitment has proven to be successful; our sophisticated clientele that we at EDAM are proud of is a proof.

With numerous opportunities and ventures in the pipeline and an increase of investment to enhance processes and overall business development, the future success of EDAM has been secure. When you trade with EDAM, you will be sure that you are buying the highest quality products, processed in finest facilities, managed and supported by fully qualified and professional people.